Kyla H.

I’ve been trying to find the car for me the whole three months I was on a vacation and it was actually a struggle since I don’t want to just decide without thinking about it too hard or choosing carefully. My friends already suggested a lot of things as well as my family but it only made my thoughts worse since I gained more options which I have no idea if it was a good thing or a bad thing. But then, thankfully, my cousin told me about this website where she got to choose what car to buy for himself! I immediately looked it up and tried finding my own car through this site. Last week I just bought mine for real with the help of the people here. There were more ideas that came but actually they were better than I thought and I was glad I came to this website for guidance. Thank you Cross Engine, it felt like it was just yesterday when I was posting my first message on this forum.

Fiona D.

Hello, Kyla! We really appreciate you coming to this forum and website to ask for our help in finding the car that you need. Cross Engine is more than thankful that you were able to get the help and guide you needed and we provided. We hope that you were satisfied by the car you got and we only want to congratulate you for having one finally!

Kyla H.

Hi, Fiona. I’m the one who’s supposed to be thankful! If it weren’t for this website I won’t be able to find the one I was looking for the whole time. I hope that you continue doing this great job and help more people in the future. I’ll make sure to recommend this site as well since it needs more recognition!

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