Hello, I just wanted to ask how you can guide the users in picking their cars. Do they message you or they just go to the website and find out more information about cars?

Hi! Thank you so much for sending us your question. There are many ways we could guide the visitors or users of the website in choosing the cars they like. First, yes, they could send us a message and we’ll be ready to answer them anytime. Second, they can also discover new things by themselves if ever they want to. They may also ask anyone, not just Cross Engine but other people as well on the forum by posting a question or message. However, we also guide them by giving the specific traits or features of the cars. You may start off by choosing a brand, or the innovator, and we’ll lead them throughout the process of choose car brands and their characteristics. But it could also start the other way around. You can first choose the best trait you need the most for your car and we’ll be there to suggest the best brands for you.

Is it necessary to make an account before posting on the forum or not?

No, it is not really necessary to create your own account before you post on the forum. This site is for anyone so everybody can post a message on our forum but we will need your email first for that and your name.

Can we request a specific feature we want so you could lead us to a specific car as soon as possible?

Yes, you may message us and ask us about that but you can also just send a message on the forum so you can have more options to choose from since many people would definitely give suggestions.

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